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  2. Im not sure if its a good thing, I can now fit in my corset… or the worst thing possible?!

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  4. Etching.

    recreating the loss of control (self image) 

  5. Not Everything needs to look beautiful to become An “Art Piece”

    A Drawing of myself.  charcoal & Ink  


  6. All In Sight 

    A piece I was working on a while ago and decided too go back on. #

    I based this piece around documenting movement.

  8. Breaking from the skin.

    was thinking to myself the other day, that I haven’t uploaded anything in ages and though id get cracking. although this painting is not finished its getting there and hopefully will be finished soon.

    pretty much sums up my feelings over the last month…

    but today is tomorrow and tomorrow was yesterday.

  9. Five Minutes Alone.

    Double exposure, some simplistic photos i produced in a photography workshop.

  10. Junk-Head.

    Another interpretational painting produced by capturing a dream in mind-conscious state.